Appointment Scheduling

Canadian Trade Connections arranges individually tailored schedules of meetings for business visitors to Canada.

Based on the information you provide us about your company and the type of contacts you want to make, we will set up a program of appointments to suit your travel dates and itinerary. 

What we do for you

  1. Contact Identification

Identify Canadian enterprises matching your area of interest.

  1. Appointments

Arrange one-on-one meetings or group presentations with key contacts for you.

  1. Itinerary

Provide you with a detailed schedule of meetings including name of contact and responsibilities, date and time of meeting, company profile, location map and driving directions.  Click on this link to see sample itinerary.


  • You save time identifying and making the contacts yourself
  • You make the right contacts
  • You optimize your travel time
  • You get a greater return on your travel investment
  • You overcome time zone differences calling Canada yourself
  • There are no encumbrances, so you are free to select and appoint a local agent/distributor when it suits you at a later date 

Appointment Request Form

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