Trade Show Support

Canadian Trade Connections has considerable experience in setting up trade show exhibits in Canada and around the world including major events like the Paris Air Show, OTC (Offshore Technology Conference) among many others.  We can provide you with a full range of services to support your participation in any Canadian trade show or conference.

What we do for you

  1. Logistical Support

Canadian Trade Connections can organize the customs clearance and local handling of exhibit materials shipped to Canada.

  1. Exhibit Design and Set Up
Canadian Trade Connections can refer you to companies that can design and/or set up your exhibit for you.
  1. Seminars and Presentations
Canadian Trade Connections can help you organize a group presentation by way of meeting room reservations, invitation lists, and general logistics support.


  • Local logistics support
  • Advance invitations sent out to potential customers
  • Someone on hand to overcome "Murphy's Law" (if something can go wrong, it will go wrong!)

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